Fix Georgia Pets

In 2015, Fix Georgia Pets needed help planning and executing a b2b and b2c fundraising and brand awareness campaign. The strategy was simple: provide branded content to partner agencies across the state and let them do the heavy lifting.

CGS put together a package of social media graphics, a content strategy, email campaigns and email copy to send to partners across the state.

After 1 week, the campaign raised $15,000 from 150+ new donors. 3 years on, the organization has raised more than $150,000.

Meals on Wheels

In 2013, Grant worked with a local Meals on Wheels affiliate to orchestrate a social media campaign to win a new vehicle for the organization.

After successfully applying to become a finalist, Grant put together an innovative strategy blending B2B, B2C and P2P communications. Using emails to corporate supporters with language that was easy to copy and share amongst co-workers and organic and paid social media postings, the organization was able to finish among the top 50 of 2500 organizations in the country, successfully winning a new car!

Alagille alliance

In 2016 the Alagille Syndrome Alliance asked CGS to create a strategy to increase their brand awareness and connect with more families affected by this terrible disease. Their goal was to provide a medically sound, go-to repository of information about the disease for parents, patients, and doctors.

CGS provided the ALGSA with a comprehensive content, SEO, and communications strategy covering including social media, web and email.

ALGSA was able to leverage these resources to consolidate disparate information sources and improve their communications to members and their larger audience.