Is your business ready for Pokemon Go?

here's a pretty good chance that you'll see an increase in 20-35 year olds walking past your business staring at their smart phones. Do you have a plan to capture these potential customers?


Maybe you've already seen the masses of 5-45 year olds wandering around staring into their smartphones. 

Maybe you even know that they're playing Pokémon Go, a game so popular it crashed servers three days into launch delaying an international rollout. 

Maybe you're looking at all these people walking around your store and thinking, "How can I get them to look at my business"?


Is this your business? One of about 10 million Pokemon Go players shared it to Twitter. Too bad there's no branding in it.

First thing first. Do your research and find out what your business value is inside the game. Is your business located near a PokéStop, Gym, or just full of Pokémon? Awesome! You're off to a good start.

It also appears that gyms (and Pokéstops)  appear at popular locations based on Google's version of "checkins".


Create a "real life" icon from the game in front of your business to attract new Pokémon chasing customers.

Next, figure out your marking plan.

Here are some real-life things you can do to take advantage of this newly created world of "pocket monsters"

  • Print real life versions of the stylized PokéStop or Battle Gym icons and place them outside your business along with fliers, coupons, or business cards.
  • Advertise what kinds of Pokémon can be found inside.
  • No PokéStops, Gyms or even Pokémon nearby? Maybe thirsty Pokémon collectors would appreciate a cold beverage, hot coffee, or delicious pizza? After all, the game makes you walk. A lot.
  • Brand all images or displays with your logo. You never know who might snap a pic for their friends on social media.
  • Restaurant or other retail business? Post your own screenshots of Pokémon hanging out but take the time to "stage" the shot so you highlight what you're serving (maybe there's a Pikachu hanging at the bar)?
  • Reward users who post images of your business and hashtag with (or without) Pokémon to social media with coupons, VIP passes, or other insider access.
  • One caveat, consider consulting your legal council before you include anything proprietary, you may receive a cease and desist from Nintendo or Google.

Still not sure how to handle this whole Pokémon Go thing? Ask us, we can help!

Florida International University's twitter feed demonstrates a great example of integrating your brand and pokemon go. Note the hashtag integration (gotta catch 'em all was the original tagline for the 90's game and TV show).

The coolest part of the game is that your camera allows you to record the real world around you, with Pokémon in it! This augmented reality is a great opportunity for you!

You can't yet advertise inside the game, but with Google backing it - it's coming. And if you don't get there someone else will.

UPDATED: Business insider just reported that Pokémon Go added $7.5 Billion to Nintendo's market share. How can your organization get in on the action?